SCBWI BookStop 2021 starts on October 18!

Dear SCBWI members. Did you know that the pages may be created at any time during the promotion period through November 30?

Books published in the calendar year of 2019, 2020,  2021, or WILL BE published in 2021, are eligible to participate. What are you waiting for? Put your book in front of readers.

Dear parents, librarians. You can view my SCBWI entry here.

You can also find a few activities on my For Kids page here.

Want to know more about Jurassic Rat?

  1. It includes STEM elements. Rat was a close relative of modern rats and lived alongside huge dinosaurs 160 million years ago, and also introduces living fossils, such as Cycads and Gingko biloba.
  2. If you’re still curious about Rat and the Jurassic Period, visit:

Chinese super-rat roamed Earth 160 million years ago

Science for Kids

National Geographics excerpt- ‘Many of Earth’s earliest mammals scurried around dinosaur feet—ignorant that their kind would come to dominate Earth once the dinosaurs were wiped out at the end of the Cretaceous.’

Live Science– early mammals.

I hope this was helpful.

Check out BookStop for other wonderful books to purchase for the holiday season. Yep, Christmas is around the corner.

Take care and stay safe.

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