Shout-out to Unagented Children’s Book Authors

Check out Natalie’s interview with Joyce Sweeney. Joyce is a literary agent at The Seymour Agency and is giving away a Query Critique! Here’s the link.

Image by Wokingham Libraries from Pixabay

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    1. Yes, a few agents at a time. I haven’t had any responses though. Sigh! I will send out more queries soon. How about you?

      1. That’s what I do, a few at at time. So far my responses have been not right for them right now. We’ll be each other’s cheer squad! Go, Eleanor, go!

    2. I thought I answered you Angie. Yes, I am querying with no avail. Perseverance may pay in the end.

    3. Not sure I answered you? I have too much on my plate right now. I have queried a few but I need to polish a few more MSs before sending others out. How about you?

      1. I’m doing 12×12, so I have that encouragement to query. At least once a month! I also watch for agents who are seeking. It’s a tough road. But we shall keep on going, right? 🙂 Best wishes!

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