If You Love Animals You Also Love Human Beings

In these challenging times, we realize that we’re all in this together. I admire how the worldwide population has united to fight against the COVID-19 by communicating through social media and sharing their fears and tribulations or jokes that make you laugh out loud.

We must think positive and keep busy to overcome depression. Pick up a new hobby, plant a garden on your balcony, grow your own veggies, write your memoirs, or reorganize your closets. I understand that for those of you that live in a condominium, it mustn’t be easy to cope with young children getting bored to death.

Hang in there. This pandemic will end, and we will soon forget what we went through. My wish is that we continue to help each other in the future as we are doing now.

Remember the song ‘We Are the World’?

I would like to share a post that Anitha Robinson published about my love for animals.

If you have a story about kindness you also want to share, contact Anitha Robinson.

Sending prayers your way to stay healthy and safe.

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