2020 Photo Challenge #29 Three Little Rascals

Three kittens hiding in our piano. From left to right: Miguel, Bijoux, Paciugo Theme: Charming

Last week I posted a pic of my new pets on Instagram. Three little rascals. Three kittens, about two months old.

Here’s how they ended up in my living room.

We once had six cats, and last year Giant, nicknamed Highlander, the last survivor, passed away. Rats have multiplied since.  

Two months ago, a stray female cat came around. So the idea of adopting a cat wasn’t bad at all. Both my son and I fed her. Then we soon found out that she had a litter of kittens hiding in a woodpile by our neighbors. Unfortunately, our neighbors are not animal friendly. They suggested we not feed them thinking they would move out.

 One day as I was hanging my clothes out to dry, I heard a familiar sound-my neighbor was using his BB gun again, and I could imagine what he was shooting at—soon after the kitten’s mom moved them to our woodpile behind the shed. Finally, safe from our neighbors. I observed her from a distance as she carefully watched her kittens play, run, and argue. When she’s out hunting, the dad, with his beautiful long orange fur, stands guard. He’s a bit on the skinny side, though, but just as wild as the female and kittens.

We decided it was best to capture them all, especially the females, to sterilize them eventually. We’ve named the mom Mousy and the kittens, two males, Paciugo, Miguel, and the female Bijoux. Bijoux is the bravest of them all. It wasn’t easy. My son bought a trap, especially for cats, and we managed to catch them all.

Now I had four cats that I temporarily put in the bathroom. It didn’t take long before Mousy escaped from the window from the first floor that I had left open overnight. She had managed to open the shutters. We have an old rambling house with wooden shutters that don’t close shut properly. I never thought they could open them and that they would jump three meters if not more.

On the night of the escape, the cat’s cries woke me up, so I checked upon them. Bijoux was missing, and Paciugo whimpered from the window sill looking down at Moosy that was calling him, “ Come on, jump.”

I managed to grab him and close the window. The windows frame was all chewed up, and slivers of wood lay everywhere.

Bijoux must have nine lives for sure, for I saw her a few days later running around the woodpile behind the shed. What a relief. We managed to capture her once more, and then I moved the three kittens to my study where the shutters are in aluminum.

There were many sleepless nights as the cats slept during the day and created havoc during the night. I can’t describe what they managed to do in one night to my study. It looked as if a tornado had hit it.

I had to find another room to put them in. I managed to get the cats in the living room. Much better, at least I could sleep at night. We have a door that separates the bedrooms from the living room.

But then, the little rascals played with my mouse. Yes, the one attached to my laptop, which I left on the kitchen table. Guess what happened, they chewed right through the wire. Bye, bye, mouse.

They are slowly coming around, and at times I manage to pet them besides the scary cat Miguel. He still hides from us. As for Moosy, we haven’t managed to capture her. She’s a smart kitty, but dad is still around, and she’s in heat again. I don’t think I could handle having to take care of another litter. We’ll have to capture her soon.

Do you have any pets? Share your pics with me.

Author: eleanorannpeterson

As a child, I spent my summer holidays by the swamp catching tadpoles and other creepy critters or running after wild animals. I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. But destiny turned my life around - I moved to Italy, where I obtained my BS in Environmental Sciences and Territorial Management. When not working in our family-run business, I write, read, play with clay, doodle, and go on scavenger hunts in the woods, followed by my six cats.

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  1. Hmmmm. My picture will not paste. The kitties are too cute! We totally rely on our cat Monet to keep the pasture free of mice/rats/voles. She earns her keep! And she likes to share. Yuck.

    1. I’m hoping these wild cats will get rid of a few rodents in the near future. Take care Angie. I’ll be away for a few weeks. Helping my DIL with our GC 4yo. She’s visiting relatives in Sardinia and wanted me to tag along.

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