Why Do I Consider Myself Lucky?

I’ve just come back from Sardinia with my daughter-in-law and grandchild. I already miss the sandy white beaches and the cool breeze brushing against my cheeks. Well, actually, the mistral breeze/landward wind was so strong at times that I got a free scrub. But I had fun with my grandchild swimming and making sandcastles. Having grandchildren gives you an excellent excuse to play like a kid again. My grandchild was ecstatic. He had been isolated at home for five months without kids to play with. When he saw his little cousin he hugged and kissed him. They played for two weeks. It’s hard for him to be back home without his cousin. It’s also rough on the parents and grandparents. I mean, we can’t run and play all day, it’s tiring.

Here are a few pics of our trip.

Le Saline, Stintino-Sardinia
The Roman bridge. There’s a beautiful restaurant facing the lagoon.
I believe this is Stintino?
Maria Pia Beach-Sardinia

Next week I go back to work. Sigh! I should consider myself lucky to have a job to go back to. So here I am trying to catch up with social media and watching the replays of the SCBWI Summer Spectacular 2020. If it weren’t for the COVID, I would have never been able to attend the conference. A big thank you to Lin Oliver and Co. for organizing such a spectacular conference and to the faculty for their insightful presentations.

I’ve also been revising a few projects I left behind. Unlike most writers, I haven’t had the ‘block syndrome.’ I take advantage of the time on hand to write, write, write. I feel lucky to have two wonderful critique groups—one for picture books and one for middle grade. I’m also happy to have connected with Italian SCBWI members. We’ve called ourselves the Notable Nine.

September is around the corner, and I will be attending ‘How to Illustrate Children’s Books’ with Mira Reisberg for the second time. In October, I’ll attend the Picture Book Summit. It’s all about VOICE.

I’m keeping busy, and my mind is never idle.

I’m staying safe by wearing my face mask and staying away from crowds, and You?

Have a wonderful summer. Keep healthy and be happy you’re still around.

Author: eleanorannpeterson

As a child, I spent my summer holidays by the swamp catching tadpoles and other creepy critters or running after wild animals. I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. But destiny turned my life around - I moved to Italy, where I obtained my BS in Environmental Sciences and Territorial Management. When not working in our family-run business, I write, read, play with clay, doodle, and go on scavenger hunts in the woods, followed by my six cats.

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