Part Two. What to Expect After Signing a Publishing Contract?

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In my opinion, when you’re on social media sharing your experiences and news or whatever, do not annoy the readers with ‘I’ve got this book coming out soon, and you can buy it here.’ You’ll scare them, and they won’t come back.

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Be yourself, talk about You and share other peoples posts that you genuinely like. Not for the sake of liking or sharing, even if sharing is caring, but because you feel you have something in common.

If you’re not sure as to how to put yourself out there, you can always get a marketing coach to point you in the right direction right from the beginning. You’ll save a lot of time this way. I’ve been there, so I know all about it. You can check out this link, it’s free, and it’s where I started learning about how to connect with my dream clients. Time management is crucial on social media,  so the less time you spend on it, the more productive you will be with your spare time. We authors need time to write. Right?

Six months have gone by, and you haven’t heard from the publisher. You start wondering if the book is on its way or not. Should you write to the publisher?


I didn’t. I was calm and didn’t panic, what a liar!   Then you get an email. Phew!

Subject line: Here you go!

Aw, sweet! Thank goodness. Your publisher has shared a few spreads from the book dummy with you requesting you give a few details about the characters or setting. Now you feel important.

You’re all pumped up again. Then you wait another couple of months.

Stay tuned for Part Three.  I don’t want to give away everything at once. You’re probably busy doing other things right now. Like getting ready for Easter.

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