Part Three. What to Expect After Signing a Publishing Contract?

Are you still with me?

Now your approximately nine months away from your book birthday.

Hmmm, you start thinking about props for school visits and how to create crafts and activities to keep the kids busy. Meanwhile, your social media following is growing. Yay! You’re getting the hang of it.

By now you have a marketing coach, and you are still learning how to put yourself out there with Podcasts, videos, etc. You’re reaching out to Book Bloggers also known as influencers, hoping they will have the time and interest in your book to leave early reviews when the time comes. You’ve done that right?

You’re surely a member of the SCBWI and will try to attend at least one conference. Do it. Set some money aside for these events. I’ll be attending my first Europolitan conference next May. Can’t wait.

Book Fairs are also important. Browse the bookshelves and see what’s out there.

After attending the Bologna Book Fair, four years in a row, I met up with #kidlit peers and had a ball. They were multi-published authors and illustrators that gave me tips and tricks about the publishing world. You connect and make long-lasting friends. You find out that they struggle with the same problems as you do like submitting to publishers and agents, creating that perfect enticing query letter that everyone dreads to write.


Form left to right, Simona Ceccarelli Illustrator, Maria Marshall Author, ME, Fiona Halliday, author/illustrator, Vivian Kirkfiled and Julie Abery authors.

We all started somewhere; we weren’t born authors, so don’t be shy. Part Four is coming soon. Hang in there. HAPPY EASTER!

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