Maria Antonia’s 2022 Pic of the Week-Bingo

Black Hole

About this pic? In Maria Antonia’s 2022 Pic of the Week-Bingo I chose my own prompt. Black Hole or it could be an ordinary Pipe from our machining shop. What do you see?

Okay, I cleaned the wood stove chimney pipe and I took a pic to see if it was clean. It wasn’t. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I grabbed my wire chimney brush and scraped some more. Not a job for a lady, but I’m not an ordinary lady.

Take care and stay safe, we’ll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

Author: eleanorannpeterson

As a child, I spent my summer holidays by the swamp catching tadpoles and other creepy critters or running after wild animals. I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. But destiny turned my life around - I moved to Italy, where I obtained my BS in Environmental Sciences and Territorial Management. When not working in our family-run business, I write, read, play with clay, doodle, and go on scavenger hunts in the woods, followed by my six cats.

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    1. Angie, at first I wondered, where did I take this pic? Then I remembered. You know, my men (husband and son) work too many hours a day, about 13. So I try not to cumbersome them with other duties. I guess that behind a great man there’s a great woman. I only wish the Lord to grant me the strenghth to keep on going. Take care.

      1. You are a great woman! I was just thinking the same thing, for my husband. He has a very stressful 2 weeks, so I’ve been planning how to keep extra duties away from him!

        1. That’s thoughtful on your part. He will appreciate it. Keep me posted. If you need any tips let me know – masonry, carpentry, you name it I’ve done it and love to do it.

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