It’s Not Until You Fall That You Fly

What do we want for our children? That they not only dream it possible, but also make it possible.

We mustn’t make everything easy for them by giving them all the answers. They must find the answers and fall to pick themselves up again. They must be encouraged to try, try again. If it’s too easy they’ll never learn. Let them experiment for themselves. Give them space to grow.

This said, there’s a song that inspires me so. Every time I listen to it, I feel I can do anything. Let me tell you, I’ve come a long way. I’ve had my trials and errors in my life, and I know that I was the sole person that could change her own life and destiny.

The song? Dream it Possible, on YouTube. Check it out here. So inspiring!

I’m a grandparent, and this video really touched my heart. Don’t we all want them to succeed?

Featured image from Pixabay.

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