I’ll remember you forever.

When I was a teenager, I was in love with my first cousin. Aunt Helen was worried. First cousins can’t get married, but he was the most human and tender being I had ever met. He would look over me when I visited the Island. Make sure I wouldn’t get into trouble. We even kissed. But when his friends found out we were cousins, he dropped me like a hot potato. But our love for each other never faded. He kept on loving me even though we were far apart. And now my heart aches for his departure. Way too soon. I wonder, like sliding doors, the movie, what if we had continued? Life is strange, destiny is strange. I’ll keep Johnny in my heart forever. May you rest in Peace and when we meet I’ll ask you once again, “Did you notice the elastic band in your hotdog?” Only Johnny can answer this question.

Here’s the service, it was heartbreaking.

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