#24 Pic of the Week- # 24 Fotografia della Settimana

Theme: Basket- top, pepermint leaves + lime flowers

About this pic? Mother nature is very generous. I picked lime tree flowers and peppermint leaves that I will dry and keep for the winter months to prepare herb tea. Did you know that one of the primary uses of Lime Flowers is to treat colds, coughs, and flu?

Lime Flowers are also rich in antioxidant flavonoids and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help reduce cold and flu symptoms such as inflamed membranes in the respiratory tract.

I also add basil leaves to my herb tea. Did you know that essential oils in basil, including eugenol, linalool, and citronellol, can help fight inflammation in the body? These anti-inflammatory properties can help lower the risk of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and bowel issues. Basil has antibacterial properties as well.

Here’s a link to interesting basil facts and a few recipes to try this summer.

A proposito di questa foto? Madre natura è molto generosa. Ho raccolto fiori di tiglio e foglie di menta piperita che farò seccare e conserverò per i mesi invernali per preparare una tisana. Sapevi che uno degli usi principali dei fiori di tiglio è curare raffreddore, tosse e influenza?

I fiori di tiglio sono anche ricchi di flavonoidi antiossidanti e composti antinfiammatori che possono aiutare a ridurre i sintomi del raffreddore e dell’influenza come le membrane infiammate nel tratto respiratorio.

Aggiungo anche le foglie di basilico alla mia tisana. Sapevi che gli oli essenziali nel basilico, tra cui eugenolo, linalolo e citronellolo, possono aiutare a combattere l’infiammazione nel corpo? Queste proprietà antinfiammatorie possono aiutare a ridurre il rischio di condizioni infiammatorie come artrite, malattie cardiache e problemi intestinali. Il basilico ha anche proprietà antibatteriche.

Author: eleanorannpeterson

As a child, I spent my summer holidays by the swamp catching tadpoles and other creepy critters or running after wild animals. I wanted to become a veterinarian when I grew up. But destiny turned my life around - I moved to Italy, where I obtained my BS in Environmental Sciences and Territorial Management. When not working in our family-run business, I write, read, play with clay, doodle, and go on scavenger hunts in the woods, followed by my six cats.

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  1. Great news! I don’t think we can grow lime here, too cold. But I have spearmint growing. Plus basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and sage. I almost had parsely…but I looked today and the bunnies ate it off. Plus half a row of radishes and the corn tops. Oops!

  2. Those little rascals- I had deer eating my tomatoes a few years ago. With all the fresh grass on our grounds, why would they munch on my veggies? I fenced up the vegetable garden to avoid this. They also seem to love my tulips!!!

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