I’ve been thinking about the girls of this world by Ali Benjamin

For whoever is writing MG do read this. As adults we seem to forget what it was like when we were twelve-years-old. I didn’t keep a diary, God forbid if someone may have found it. The growing up, the hormones, a new school. Just read this post.

Nerdy Book Club

I’ve been thinking about the girls of this world.

I’ve been thinking, for example, about a moment, not so long ago: it happened during one of those “What To Expect Now That Your Child’s in Middle School” programs — the sort of occasion where parents and teachers talk anxiously about how to guide kids through these painful, beautiful, impossible years. From the back of the room, a father raised his hand. He glanced around tentatively. “How do you deal with…” he began, then frowned. When he continued, his voice was a little harder. “…with mean girls? You know, queen bees?”

The other parents nodded, leaned in, listened closely. The implication was clear, as was the “correct” answer: girls can be dangerous. There must be consequences for such dangerous girls.

I’d probably have joined in the nodding, the consequence-seeking, without second thought, but for this: I’d recently been reading my…

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