Spring Fling Writing Contest

Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal are hosting a writing contest this April!

Remember the contest runs from April 17th to April 19th.

Here’s my entry. Working title: Where Does the Rain Go?


Rain, go away!

The rain stopped,  she jumped into a puddle and out came a bubble.

Sherry was in trouble.

Trapped in a bubble, she went down a funnel.

The bubble raced into a stream, and with a loud POP, the bubble floated atop.

She was on a ride, and to her surprise, the bubble went down a slide,

floating farther away and into a bay.

Sherry could see she was heading towards the sea.

She cried out with glee when a whale came by and said hi.

Dolphin came by and wondered why a tiny bug was sailing away, in a bubble.

She would surely get into trouble.

Dolphin pushed the bubble toward the beach that the little bug could surely reach.

The sun was hot, and Sherry heard a loud POP!

She closed her eyes, and to her surprise, she was back in her puddle full of bubbles.



Although I don’t write in rhyme, when I wrote this a few years ago the words came to me as if someone were dictating the text to me. I was thinking about the Itsy Bitty spider on the spout at the time.

The important thing  in this contest is to participate and it also helps us to hone our craft. The more you pratice the better you get.


Good Luck!


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3 thoughts on “Spring Fling Writing Contest

  1. What a fun Springtime adventure! Good luck!


  2. Ashley Congdon (@AshleyCCongdon) April 20, 2019 — 9:54 pm

    The adventures you can have with your imagination. The illustrations would be a lot of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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