Am I losing my mind?

I’m a fifty plusser and I’m sharing this post with the women out there that think that life is over at forty plus. Great post forty something.Oh please read the whole post, there’s a nice twist at the end to encourage you. Life must be lived to it’s fullest no matter how old you are.

Forty Something Life As We Know It

As a Forty Plusser woman I don’t want to socialize that often anymore. It may sound super boring, but I rather prefer my own company. (That is one of the reasons I have started blogging). When I get home from a tough day at work I only want to chill. I want silence. I want that relaxed feeling of “home is where no bra is”feeling.

But sometimes being all by myself jumpstarts my “midlife crisis syndrome”. You can easily get overwhelmed with intense self-pity. This constant psychological emotional battle inside yourself. I find comfort in the fact that there are more woman out there experiencing this phase in their life. I’ve talked to many of my female Forty Plusser friends. We all kind of have the same story to tell.
Do you have this nagging feeling that something in your life has slipped away — yet you can’t quite…

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